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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Amethyst Dragon: Prologue


When she was born it was as if everything in the universe stopped moving. With her little brunette curls framing a perfect baby face, she was everything anyone would want in a child. Knowing that her husband would not accept their little miss, she needed to prepare her for a hard road ahead. So tired from giving birth, she smiled down at her lovely new daughter. As a tear slipped from her eye she quietly said a prayer to the goddess for her newborn daughter.

"Blessed Goddess come to me
Protect this child as your own
Cleanse the heart and spirit of this child
Prepare me for what I am to do

The mother kissed the little one on the crown of her head before continuing and a white beam of light encompassed the baby.

Fire for your truth & protection
Let truth burn with in her soul
Be with this child to keep her mind & sight open to what is to come

She said then kissed her baby girl just above her belly button where a yellow spark of light flared to life.

Earth for your nurturing and grounding force
As you are the foundation of all elements
Be with this child, as the mother I cannot be

As she placed a kiss at the base of her loved ones back, it causes a red spark appeared.

Water for your control and balance
With purity & unbiased sight
Be with this child to help heal her in her time of need

She then placed a kiss just below her belly and yet another spark, this time orange.

Air for your energy and intellect
Provider of strength and wisdom
Be with this child and embrace her with your guidance.

After she placed one more kiss over her daughter’s heart, a spark of green light appeared.

Blessed Be and May the Goddess Light Your Path."

The mother kissed her daughter again sweetly on crown of her head one last time. The white light disappeared and she laid her daughter beside her on the bed with an arm wrapped around her. The house maid leaned over to check on the child.
"What is her name Mistress?" she said meekly, knowing what is to come.

With what little strength she had left, she closed her eyes as she whispered “Adaira" and drifted off, never to wake again.