Welcome to my Dragon Lair!


Enter at your own risk; I am not liable for singed hair, clothing or missing body parts.

Dragons can be temperamental!

About Brianna

I am a Southern Girl through and through. Born in Texas, a large part of my family is there; but most of my life has been spent in Georgia and the Carolina's. I come from a long line of creative people so I guess that is where I get my talents from. I enjoy spending time with my large family of six, friends, camping, reading, playing my Cello and just about any kind of craft. Coffee and books keep everyone safe and my mind going...The Dragon gets a little on edge with out her coffee.

As you can tell I am a long time lover of Dragons! I have 4 dragon tattoos and all kinds of collectibles through out my home. I am not sure where my love for them started or why, but there is something about them that draws me in. They are powerful and beautiful creatures.

My favorite types of books are Adult and YA Paranormal Romance. My turn offs are Ghosts and Zombies, but other than that Game On!

I recently started writing my first book called The Amethyst Dragon and I hope to have it out sometime in soon. It is looking to be a YA novel at this point in time, but we will see.

I hope you will enjoy this ride as much as I will be and stop by to keep up to date on the progress.

**Glad you were able to make it out of my lair in one piece! Laters!**


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