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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Books vs The Screen


       Over the last couple years, I have watched TV less and less. Either the shows I watched have ended or the time of the show just doesn't work with my daily timeline. The ones that ended were typically due to ratings; if enough people don't watch the show then "Bye bye" and everyone that did like/love the show has to suffer
      Now lets talk about the books turned into shows and movies....They change so much, that you are better off reading the book. You don't miss out on as much reading the original work. I could go through and list all the unnecessary changes in Hunger Games, Divergent, Vampire Diaries, and so on but that would take me for ever. The book is better than the show/movie 90% of the time. Yes they are entertaining but for someone that has read the book before the showing it is highly annoying when you can't help but say "that didn't happen", "why didn't they show...?", "why is her hair that color, in the book..."... You see my point? It can drive a person insane and I am sure the people around them that have to hear it, lol.
Total crap! I have watched as they get us addicted and then just cut us off cold turkey and in most cases with a cliff hanger from hell...you just cant do that to people. It isn't right!!! Then, not only do they take these beloved shows away, they replace them with crap that makes you want to beat your head against a wall. A good example would be 'Starcrossed'. Many people loved this show, but they take it away and what do they say they are bringing in instead....Jane the Virgin (accidentally get inseminated? O..K...), Flash (the comic dude), iZombie (Zombie works as a coroner eating brains to solve murders.) and more useless reality shows!!...Yeah, so not excited to see these and even if I was, what are the chances that these shows will make it past the first season? Do I want to take a chance to get hooked again only to be crushed by low ratings? No!! Oh, and don't forget all the freakin commercials you have to watch!
      With book who decides when it is over? The reader and the author! Either the author writes the final book of the series and 'The End' or you decide you have out grown that series and move on. Either way, in most cases you have fulfilled your minds craving for the story. Even when the author closes the addicting story you love so much, you might be sad it is the last book; but you are happy to have all the lose ends tied
up in that final book, unlike first series TV series. I like having that control, the choice. Did I mention that your mind craves knowledge? By reading your mind absorbs a lot more than if you were to watch it on a TV or Movie screen. Your vocabulary gets bigger and you will actually get smarter...God knows we need more smart people around because there is an abundance of stupid running around. We need to get things more balanced....Read a book, Save a life, Save an author, and Save a brain cell.

       So in the end my brain chooses a book over The Screen. I would not be as smart as I am today with out them. Do I still have some shows and movies I watch? Yes, but there are very few now and even at that I DVR the shows because of the late show times, then watch them when ever I feel like it.

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